Performs in your environment! Whether playing 1080P quality fullscreen video with digital output to the monitor, connecting specialized High-Speed USB 2.0 devices or listening to high quality digital audio, the L350 has the power and flexibility to work in the environment you choose.

Enterprise IT departments are actively searching for less expensive ways to purchase, deploy, and manage employee desktops. Desktop virtualization has been considered the cure-all for this headache, but users are still concerned about virtual desktop performance and multimedia support. NComputing shatters this perception by delivering rich multimedia playback, powerful yet simple deployment and management tools, and an industry-leading price point via its next-generation access device—the L350 virtual desktop with vSpace® Server desktop virtualization software. NComputing, the market leader in deployed virtual desktops, has delivered more than 2.5 million low-cost access devices worldwide.
The newest access device, the L350 virtual desktop, delivers rich fullscreen,
full-motion multimedia playback; transparent USB redirection; and unparalleled peripheral support. Combined with the NComputing vSpace Server,
the L350 now provides enterprises with a simple-to-deploy, low-cost means to
implement a complete virtual desktop infrastructure in hours.
vSpace virtualization software—get more from your VDI investment:
NComputing vSpace Server enables enterprises to optimize virtual desktop deployments by providing multiple end users with simultaneous access to a single operating system instance of Windows. vSpace not only integrates into virtualization server deployments based on VMware, Citrix and Microsoft offerings, but can also extend their value by changing the typical virtual desktop structure from one user per virtual machine to 100 users per virtual machine. This has a direct, positive impact on operational expenses and immediately lowers overall desktop PC costs such as
support, maintenance, and desktop replacement.

The L350 access device—next-generation media acceleration:
With the L350, watching HD quality video comes standard for most common media formats. The game-changing access device comes packaged in a sleek low-power package that can be easilymounted on a monitor or secured to a desk. Powered by the proven NComputing Numo System-onChip(SoC), the L350 uses patent-pending hardware technology to decode and scale multimedia locally, eliminating network strain. The L350 access device costs less than any other thin- or zeroclient options and is a quarter of the cost of desktop PCs. In combination with the NComputing vSpace Server, it enables VDI solutions at one-third the price of traditional offerings.


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